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Your Own Branded Custom Geo-Filter On Snapchat

Engage with your customers and attract new ones using branded geo-filters on Snapchat
Custom marketing geofilter

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Domino's Pizza
Campus Protein
Arnonld Classic

Frequent Questions

Where do I send details about the design that I want?

During the order process, you will be asked to answer three questions about the design that you would like. You can also add relevant images and attachments.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, if you're not 100% satisfied with the geo-filter that we create, we will provide you a full refund!

Still Have Questions?

Is Snapchat submission included?

Yes. During the order placement process, we will ask you if you if you'd like for us to submit the geo-filter to Snapchat or not.

Are Analytics Included?

Yes. If you'd like to see how many uses and views your geo-filter got, we will provide this information upon request.

Your Geo-Filter Is Only 3 Steps Away!


1. Give Us Details

Tell us how great your company is and
what you'd like to accomplish with the
geo-filter campaign.

2. Fast Delivery

We'll design an awesome geo-filter for your company and deliver it to your email. If you're satisfied, we'll put it on Snapchat. If not, we're always happy to make revisions.
Use on Snapchat

3. Submit & Use On Snapchat

Once you've approved the Geo-Filter, we'll activate it on Snapchat for you. We'll also provide instructions for you to submit it to Snapchat yourself if you'd like.
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We'll Handle Everything

We'll make a custom geo-filter for you and activate it on Snapchat
  • Text & Text Effects

  • Basic Illustrations 

  • No Caricatures

  • 1 Revision

  • 3-5 Day Delivery

  • Source Files Excluded

  • Money Back Guarantee



Best Seller

  • Text & Text Effects

  • 1 Complex Illustration

  • 1 Caricature of a person/object

  • 5 Revisions

  • 3-5 Day Delivery

  • Source Files Excluded

  • Money Back Guarantee



  • Text & Text Effects

  • Up to 3 Complex Illustrations

  • Up to 3 Caricatures of a person/object

  • Unlimited Revisions

  • 3-5 Day Delivery

  • Source Files Included

  • Money Back Guarantee



Don't see a package that works for you? Mail us at or fill in the form below.

Have Questions or Feedback?

Get in touch with us. We’d love to talk to you!
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Additional Benefits



Snapchatters will spread the word about
your company for you in a word of mouth
style advertising! You don't pay for impressions, only to display the ad.
Unlimited Reach

Unlimited Reach

Geo-Filters spread fast! Anyone who uses your geo-filter in their Snapchat story will be providing you with impressions from all their friends that view it.


We'll provide insight into how many people viewed and used your geo-filter. You'll also see the overall cost per impression.

Rather Create One Yourself?

Use our designer platform to create custom geo-filters for Snapchat

Add Custom Text

Add Shapes, Change Colors

Upload Your Own Images

Use High Quality Clip Arts

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